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How to select telescopic fishing rods?

As you know, for fishing rods, there are many kinds of products for different applications. Here, I just want to share with you on some hot selling for general fishing activities in outdoor no matter saltwater and freshwater fishing. #yibao #yibaofishing #telescopicfishingrod #fishingtackle #fishing #carp #trout #bass #seabass #fishingrod #fishingreel

telescopic fishing rods are always known as telescope or collapsible or retractable fishing rods. They are good at packable and portable fishing rods on this market. Telescopic rods are mostly consisted of multiple sections of graphite or fiberglass or epoxy fabric mixture. This construction method allows for much longer rods to be very quickly disassembled and stored in a very small space.

l  Materials

The fishing tube materials have carbon fiber, epoxy resin, glassfiber, Glass. The manufactures make these materials to be long tube, and then bonding in oven. Different materials lead to different performance and weight of fishing rods. Carbon fiber fishing rods are popular to provide high power and flexibility/durability which make a good feeling during outdoor fishing. graphite is primary raw materials to make all kinds of light weight high durable telescopic fishing rods. All f these will enhance your fishing experience when you use telescopic fishing rods. Glass fiber is harder than lower cost then carbon fiber, but it is fragile comparing with carbon fiber telescopic fishing tube. Epoxy resin fabrics are always used to mix with carbon fiber, the key purpose is to reduce cost and decrease hardness and low flexibility.  Glass is another different material to make fishing tube, it is strong power actions with less flexibility to make telescopic fishing rods, it is also so heavy when people hold it for fishing.

l  Length Type of Telescopic Fishing Rods

Today, I introduce many good telescopic fishing rods. From the name, as you know, these kinds of rods have telescopic guide rings on the fishing tube. There are portable fishing rods, rock fishing rods and distance throwing fishing rods. Of course, all these telescopic rods can fit with spinning reels vey well.

1.     Portable telescopic fishing rods are always 40-50cm closed length. There are 6-11 sections carbon fiber fishing tube with ceramic guide rings on it.  These kinds of fishing rods can be taken outside easily for lake fishing, stream fishing etc, The fishing rod open length changes 1.0M-2.3M for many fishing activities. The recommended spinning reels are 1000, 2000,3000 series





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